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Talent Partnerships Program

Touted as North America’s fastest growing tech market, Toronto continues to attract innovative companies from around the globe. Over 81,000 new tech jobs were added to our region between 2016-2020, and there is no indication of that slowing down any time soon.

Talent remains the primary factor impacting corporate strategy and is a key driver for location decision making. In the last two years, it has become evident that there is, in fact, a global war for talent, with companies competing heavily for highly skilled people, especially when it comes to engineering and new technology.

Talent is one of the strongest assets that the Toronto Region has to offer (64 per cent of our population has a postsecondary degree — a higher percentage than any other country in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)). Toronto Global is here to help new companies realize that talent advantage. As we persevere through a global pandemic, our role as an organization is more important than ever. Attracting foreign companies into the Toronto Region ensures that we retain jobs in our community and continue to propel strong economic growth – all with the goal of building a region that is recognized internationally as the best place to live, work, and invest.

Toronto Global’s dedicated team will continue to promote the Toronto Region as the best choice for international business. In parallel, we must also focus on talent; taking the lead when it comes to ensuring our region’s talent story is front and centre. Canada’s view on immigration remains aligned with globalization and economic sustainability, with nearly 100,000 new people settling in the Toronto Region every year. Canada welcomes more than 250,000 international students every year. Nearly half of this student body resides in the province of Ontario and upon graduation, this group of international graduates chooses to start their career in Canada – a significant contributor to growing our talent pipeline. In complement, as a province, we are home to 18 postsecondary institutions that are conducting innovative and ground-breaking work every day, with some of the best researchers in the world. As a region, we stand to compete with other global hubs like London, New York, and Silicon Valley. The goal to bring postsecondaries and foreign companies together will be an important new aspect of Toronto Global’s vision moving forward.

That is why we are thrilled to announce that we are doubling down on talent. Our aim is to create and facilitate an environment necessary for connecting, attracting, and retaining talent in the Toronto Region. Fostering strategic connections between our organization and the world-renowned postsecondary institutions within our region, we will help to develop the regional talent story, while also ensuring Toronto Global becomes the go-to organization when it comes to talent. Three main pillars will help our clients access the talent they need to succeed:

Connect with postsecondary institutions and internationally recognized researchers

We pride ourselves on designing education programs that deliver job-ready graduates and excel in industry-academic partnerships.

Spark brand awareness and connect with students through Integrated Learning opportunities.

Partner on Research & Development projects.

Co-create learning and upskilling opportunities for students, helping to shape the graduates of tomorrow.

Recruit highly skilled labour

Hire recent graduates and experienced alumni.

Attend roundtable discussions with key players and keep up to date with the latest talent trends.

Access our open immigration policies. With supportive policies to welcome students and skilled workers from around the world, companies in Canada can access talent that is multicultural, multilingual, and globally connected.

Activate your growth plans

Leverage our research and data, allowing you to select the best location to attract and retain top talent.

Engage our partner networks to enhance your brand, reputation, and ability to recruit top talent.

Access funding programs to extend your capital runway while onboarding the top talent you need.

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