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Ontario Tech University

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A leading institution in energy research, Ontario Tech University attracts top students to study in the fields of nuclear, mechanical, electrical and software engineering, materials science, chemistry and more.

Offering Canada’s first and only Bachelor of Engineering in Nuclear Engineering, the university is home to the Department of Energy and Nuclear Engineering within the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Ontario Tech engineers are developing innovative materials and enabling technology that is key to our future electrical grid, microgrids, and energy systems. Their researchers have made major scholarly contributions to forms of clean energy such as biofuels, fuel cells, geothermal, and solar. Ontario Tech is a Canadian leader in Hydrogen research.

Further to this vision, Ontario Tech University has established TALENT, a workforce planning and development business, to transform Ontario’s workforce by creating talent flows in key sectors impacted by digital transformation. TALENT develops industry-approved microcredentials to prepare Ontarian’s for high-growth careers of the future.

The Clean Energy Research Laboratory (CERL)

The Clean Energy Research Laboratory (CERL) a facility where researchers are working in the areas of hydrogen production, heat engines, and nanotechnology

CERL is home to the world’s first lab-scale demonstration of a copper-chlorine cycle for thermochemical water splitting and nuclear hydrogen production. The facility hopes to demonstrate higher efficiencies, lower environmental impact and lower costs of hydrogen production.

Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE)

The Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) is a state-of-the-art climatic testing and research centre, located east of Toronto in the manufacturing hub of Durham Region.

This multi-purpose, 175,000 square foot facility, is owned and operated by Ontario Tech University and was developed in partnership with General Motors of Canada. ACE is a key hub within the Ontario Automotive Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN), and home to one of AVIN’s six Regional Technology Development Sites across the province.

International Talent Pipeline – Employer Partnership


Employer Partnership Talent

A subsidiary of Ontario Tech University, TALENT’s vision is to transform Ontario's workforce by creating talent flows in key sectors impacted by digital transformation. TALENT works with industry partners to develop microcredentials that prepare learners to be job ready.

Ontario’s workforce is undergoing a digital transformation defined by the ongoing introduction of emerging skills and the need for regular reskilling. TALENT is your partner in managing the pipeline of current and future employees, ensuring that your high demand skills needs are effectively signalled, developed and articulated.


Access to Talent

This pillar seeks to build capacity and resiliency within the talent flows  – preparing businesses for not only today’s recovery, but tomorrow’s economic shifts, uncertainty and competition.

Influence Candidate Market

This pillar seeks to encourage the development of talent networks – from supplier, to producer, to seller – building prosperity and ensuring the economic benefits are felt across the region, province and country.


This pillar seeks to leverage leading research and expertise to help businesses optimize and sustain their operations. By hedging against risk and leveraging digital solutions to innovate, employer partners are placed at the front of the pack on a global scale.

Preferred Employer Status

TALENT will work as a brand ambassador for its employer partners, facilitating a steady flow of diverse, job ready talent at a lower cost of traditional talent acquisition.

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Chief Executive Officer, TALENT
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