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Located in the heart of Canada’s biggest and most diverse city, Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) represents all that it is to be metropolitan.

TMU is Canada’s leader in innovative, career-oriented education. Urban, culturally diverse and inclusive, the University is home to more than 46,000 students, including 2,900 Master’s and PhD students, 4,000 faculty and staff, and 225,000 alumni worldwide.

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Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst

One of Canada’s largest postsecondary institutions, Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), has committed to help the city of Brampton transform into the “cybersecurity capital of Canada.” A key part of this project is the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst centre.

Training and certification

A 20-week intensive cybersecurity training and certification program provided in partnership with the SANS Institute, the world’s leading cybersecurity training and certification firm. Successful learners will earn two certifications from GIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification).

Support for scale-ups

Leveraging TMU’s 10 years of experience running the world leading campus-based technology accelerator, DMZ (Digital Media Zone), the Catalyst will be committed to supporting Cybersecurity scale-ups with workspace, mentorship and access to clients and advisors. The Catalyst will be a first-in-Canada technology accelerator program solely focused on supporting cybersecurity scale-ups.

Applied Research & Development

Using industry standard technology, the Catalyst will facilitate applied R&D partnerships between leading academic experts from across Canada and private sector firms, including SMEs, that need practical solutions to cybersecurity problems.

Public Education & Policy

The Catalyst aims to create and distribute easy-to-use best practice resources, particularly for SMEs, bringing together business, academic, and government leaders to discuss matters of importance in cybersecurity via conferences, roundtables, and seminars.

Programs at the centre will target key underrepresented demographic groups in the tech sector and lead to internships with employers (groups include Women, New Canadians, and workers displaced from legacy sectors). Fee for service training will also be available to private sector employers.

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Sumit Bhatia
Director of Innovation & Policy, Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst
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